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Common Factor Video     
Fractions ABC   Komodo Dragon Sporcle States and Capitals 
Pizza Shop (Fractions)    Lizard Point Geography 
Fraction Links    Interactives States 
Math Playground Fractions    Sheppards States 
     ABC Ya States
Math Games    States Games 
    Oregon Trail Search 
    Lewis and Clark Equipment 
Angle video  Haiku Poems Video Marine Mammals Info Lewis and Clark pictures 
Fun Brain Area and Perimeter  Haiku Syllables Video  Lewis and Clark Plants and Animals-Wik
Factors and Multiples Game Main Idea  FlocabularyScience Book Continent Quiz 
 Iditarod Scholastic Idioms Earthquakes  Oregon Trail Transformation
Bridges Virtual Manipulatives
 Main Idea Earthquakes National Geographic Continents Map 
 Glencoe ManipulativesMain Idea   Earthquakes Science for Kids Countries Map
Measuring Angles   Earthquake Plates Oregon Trail 101 
Protractor Practice    Oregon Trail info. 
 Fractions InteractivesAll the Right Type BiteSize Science Travel National Geographic 
 IXL Login Learning LabPoetry Forms Houghton Mifflin-Science Social Studies Weekly 
BiteSize Math
Rounding Games 
Practice Main Idea Interactives Storybooks Native American Information by Tribe 
Fractions-equal TripLine-Oregon Trail Subject and Predicate Study Jams  Fact Monster by Tribe
Fraction Games Compare and Contrast Subject and Predicate  Figurative LanguageHistory by Region 
 Rounding Games-Cool MathMain Idea-4th Grade  PronounsRock and Mineral Quiz Lewis and Clark Scholastic 
Place Value Video Main Idea-remedial BiteSize Literacy Volcano Scavenger Hunt National Geographic Journey Lewis and Clark 
 Math Fact PracticeReading Skills Fact Frenzy-notetaking Composite Volcano PBS Lewis and Clark Native Americans 
 Fact Monster Hamburger Game Figurative LanguageVolcano-Bill Nye  Native Americans on the Trail
 Fun BrainQuia Game Main Idea Spelling City Volcano Search  
Area and Perimeter Toytheater  There, their, they'reVolcano Information Oregon Regions 
 Fun Brain Area/PerimeterDecember Holiday Activity There, their, they're Types of VolcanoOregon Trail map 
 Fun Brain/Area & PerimeterHoliday TraditionsFire Safety Engineering Videos Kids on the Trail 
Mr. Nussbaum Area and Perimeter  Prose, Poetry and Drama Fire Safety Facts Mineral Properties Everglades National Park
 Math Playground AreaWomen's Baseball League Halloween Safety Volcano Close Activity Titanic Bio 
Quia Area/perimeter  Halloween Video PowerPoint Study for test  Titanic Biographies
PBS Kids Area Perimeter Oregon Trail Chimney Rock Halloween SafetyEarthquake/Volcano Form  Thanksgiving National Geographic
Fact Practice Titanic Vocabulary Halloween Pet Safety   Tracking the  Buffalo
 Basketball Fact PracticeFairy Tales Easy CBM Oregon State Symbols  QuizNative American Tale 
Xtra Math    Buffalo Video 
Zoo Designer   Great Black Heros Sioux Nation Quiz and Research 
 Place Value  C. Fact Monster-Biographies Totem Pole video 
 Problem Solving with Katie   A. Famous African American BiographiesB. African American Biography
   Killer Whales  


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