Spelling and Vocabulary


Houghton Mifflin Spelling

Spelling lists come home every Monday after students practice writing the words in their planners that morning.  The list for the week should be located in your child's binder in the homework section.  Students need to complete the packet for the week's words and should study the words at home for a test at the end of the week.

Word Lists--Click on this link to find the list for this week's words (you will have to know the story title it corresponds with). 

Spelling City--Check out this site to play word games and study for each unit's test!

Puzzlemaker--Check out the link for making crossword puzzles and word search activities
with your weekly spelling words.

Vocabulary Boosting with Flocabulary

Every other week, we work on vocabulary with a program called Flocabulary!

Students watch a video at the beginning of the week to kick off the 10 words of the week and apply their knowledge of the new words in a vocabulary unit packet.