Simply Science 

This inquiry based program is the newly adopted science curriculum for the Sherwood School District.  The 3 main units we'll focus on in 5th grade are astronomy and weather, land mammals, and force.  We are going to have a lot of fun exploring science together as a class this year.  Check out the website!  

Simply Science Links for Kids

Simply Science Links for Parents

Science Clips!

 This is a great interactive website that students can use to review science content for the science OAKS test or just have fun.  Check it out!

Science Clips

Check out the NEW beta site for National Geographic Kids for interesting science information, games, and activities!  A fun site to explore...

National Geographic for Kids--new Beta site

Life Science Links

Here are some fun links to learn more about life science and all kinds of animals!

Ecosystem Crossword Puzzle

Research sites for animals from around the world!

National Geographic Kids

Science and Nature: Animals

Kid’s Planet ESPECIES

Astronomy and Weather Links