4th Grade Reading

Our new adopted reading curriculum is called Units of Study by Lucy Calkins.  We will be focusing on a workshop model for reading, with the priority for students to spend a great deal of time in their own, self-selected books.
Overview of curriculum:
Fourth graders are ready to delve into complex texts. In Unit 1 children study the complexity of characters and themes. Unit 2 invites students to form research teams to investigate topics about extreme weather. In Unit 3, kids explore history while developing their skills in cross-text synthesis, close reading, and evaluating multiple points of view. Finally, in the fourth unit students join historical fiction clubs.

Storyworks Magazine--We are subscribed to Storyworks Magazine this year.  Check out the site to listen to articles and more!  Class password is:  Conrad22

Time for Kids--  This year, our class is subscribing to Time for Kids, a non-fiction news magazines designed just for them!  Check out the link below to find out about this week's issue and more.

Tween Tribune--  Check out this online resource for news and events directed at students in 4th-8th grade!