4th Grade Math


Bridges Second Edition Support for Families--We have adopted the Bridges Math Second Edition.  Here is the resource link for families where you can find out information about each unit by selecting the appropriate grade level.

FREMath Apps!

Use the Apps we use in class to help solve problems at home!  Check out Number Frames, Geoboard, Math Vocabulary Cards, and Number Pieces in the App Store if you have a tablet at home.  
These Apps are created by the Math Learning Center and are free to download.
You can also use them on a computer.
ownload or use the web version here:  Math Apps

IXL Math Skills 

Student log-in required, but these can be found taped inside homework folders.

Math Facts Sites (student log-in required)



Great Online Math Review!

Math Clips--Great place to review skills.

That's a Fact!--You can choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or mixed facts. 
You can even have it time you!

Math Magician Game--You can choose to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division math facts.  This game times you and gives you your results.  Make sure your volume is turned on!

 A+ Math--Check out the flashcard section at the top left of the page for practice with all your facts!

Activities and Games...

Brain Teasers--Check out this site for a challenging story problem each week. 
Answers to the problem are posted a week later!

Cool Math 4 Kids--This site has lots of games and puzzles for every strand of math.

Math Review Games and Quizzes--Review for the state test and have fun too!