Third Grade Math

This is a transition year in math. We are fully invested in common core so our curriculum is changing to meet those standards. We will be spending the bulk of our time on three major strands: multiplication and division, fractions, and measurement. We will also look at place value, geometry and graphing. By the end of the year, it is expected that your child will be able to fluently add and subtract up to 1000. We are also working towards fluency in multiplication and division up to 100.

We will be using a variety of sources for our math curriculum. We will still be using Bridges from the Math Learning Center. We are also using EngageNY curriculum. We are involved in a process to determine which curriculum best meets the need of our students while also meeting the new standards. If you have any input, please feel free to send it my way.

The district has again purchase licenses for all students to have access to IXL math, a program that facilitates math fluency. If you have been unable to log in, please let me know and I will send your child's information in an e-mail.