Classroom Information

Welcome to Room 16! Mrs. Bassich's 4th Grade Class


I Run My Class:

  • I will treat you with respect, so you will know how to treat me
  • Feel free to do anything that doesn't cause a problem for anyone else
  • If you cause a problem, I will ask you to solve it
  • If you can't solve the problem, or choose not to, I will do something
  • What I do, will depend on the special person, and the special situation
  • If you feel something is unfair, whisper to me, "I'm not sure that's fair," and we will talk

The Hopkins 3 B's

  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible

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 Daily Classroom Schedule

8:00-8:05 Opening/Announcements/Attendance

8:10-8:40 Number Corner

8:35-9:05 Skills practice, language work, math facts

9:10-9:40 Specials

9:45-10:40 Math

10:40-11:15 Science/ Social Studies

11:15-11:55 Recess then Lunch

11:55-1:00 Reading

1:00-1:10 Recess

1:10-2:00 Writing

2:05-2:15 Clean-up and Dismissal

About Mrs. Bassich  

This is my 11th year teaching here at Hopkin's School.  Some of my interests include:  travel,  ceramic art, reading, skiing, cycling, and cooking. I live here in Sherwood and have three sons currently attending our local high school and Linfield College in McMinnville.  Working in the community that I live in is truly a blessing!