Vocabulary:  How to Help Build Your Child's Vocabulary at Home
  • Engage in conversation with your child daily.  Your child will naturally pick up on new vocabulary that you are using.
  • Read to you child daily and explain/give the definitions for words that you think your child doesn't understand
  • Encourage your child to read on his or her own.
  • If you have a younger child who is reading books that have pictures, do a "picture walk through".  A picture walk through means that you look and talk about each picture with your child.  This will give your child a better context about the story before it's even read.
  • Show your child how he can use the clues around the word in the reading to help figure out its meaning.
  • If your child is young, build word knowledge by classifying items.  For example, have your child sort toys in several different piles according to similarities, such as animals, food items, vehicles, etc.  Break the categories down even further.
  • If your child is older, encourage him to look up the definitions by going online or using a dictionary or thesaurus.
  • Exposure is always key.  After your child learns a new word, ask him about the word again later in the day.  If he has forgotten the word, teach the word again.
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