Kate Kuitert    -    School Counselor   -  Hopkins Elementary

*I see elementary school as where it all begins and as an opportunity to make a large impact! Children start to develop academically, socially, and personally. It is a time of growth and excitement. I feel that early identification and intervention is key to help remove barriers and to help create a solid and successful beginning for ALL students. As a School Counselor my goal is to help students gain the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary by providing education, prevention, and intervention services that touch on all aspects of their lives. I believe that building relationships with students, staff, parents, and community is where it starts.*

Guidance Curriculum

Teach classroom lessons and collaborate with teachers on topics that facilitate students gaining skills in the three areas of academics, career awareness, and personal/social development.

Responsive Services

  1. Individual counseling

  2. Counseling groups

  3. Parent, teacher, student collaboration

  4. Crisis counseling and response

  5. Referral services for students and families

Individual Student Planning

  1. Individual support/exploration of abilities, interests, skills and achievement

  2. Transition planning

  3. Student Assistance Teams to address academic/behavioral concerns and to promote student success

System Support Services

  1. Consultation with parents, teachers, administrators

  2. Program coordination

  3. Professional development

  4. Community outreach

Student Advocacy

  1. Work for the personal success and self-advocacy of every student

  2. Identify and minimize barriers to learning

  3. Promote equity


Classroom Guidance Lessons
Small Groups

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