Small Groups

The Hopkins counseling program has been providing the opportunity for students who need a little extra support in certain areas to be involved in a small group.  Students can become involved by parent request or teacher referral.  Signed parent consent is always required.  Please find below a brief description of 4 types of groups that are being made available:



Friendship/Social Skills:
Students involved in this group will look at how to meet new people, how to make and keep friends, and basic skills needed for communication, understanding feelings, and working with people in a group.  Students in this group will also gain experience through role-playing and watching these skills being modeled.

Students involved in this group will support each other as they share their struggles with stress and anxiety in a safe, confidential setting.  They will be involved in activities that help them look at the root of their anxiety and how it affects their body, help them develop goals and plans for facing/overcoming the anxiety, and allow them to try out coping skills for when they feel overwhelmed or in a panic.

Students involved in this group will support each other as they share their experiences and feelings about being a child dealing with divorce, step families, and other things that come with this process.  They will be involved in activities that help them work through the feelings they have had about the process, look at how their lives have changed, and start figuring out how to settle into their “new lives”.

Anger/ Emotion Management:
This group is for students who struggle with anger and/or managing their emotions.  In this group they will learn about what triggers their emotional reactions and be taught and practice skills for calming down and making good choices when having experienced strong emotions.

All groups will meet for 30 minutes one time per week, for eight to ten weeks.  When your child's group begins they will be given a note to take home so that you, the parent, know their group has started.

Groups will continue into the second half of the school year.  As a result, some children may not participate until the middle or near the the end of the year.  PLEASE NOTE:  If there are not enough students close in age to hold a particular group, Ms. Bolser will let you know and the student can either participate in a later group and/or receive referrals for resources in the community for counseling.

Please click this link
small group sign up form.pdf  and this link  Parental Informed Consent Form for small groups.pdf  to download the required permission forms.

Print both forms out (if you don't have a printer, please make a request by phone), fill out and sign them, and send them both to Ms. Bolser, the school counselor, either with your child, or by mail: Hopkins Elementary School.  You may sign up your child at any time throughout the year, but there will be deadlines for when each new group cycle will be starting.  If you have any further questions or concerns about your child being involved in a small group, you may contact Ms. Bolser via email or phone listed on Ms. Bolser's counseling home page.