Title I Math

Grades 1-5

Students in first-fifth grades are tested in the fall, winter, and spring using the easyCBM standardized math test.  The results of that test, along with OAKS (Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) scores in fourth and fifth grades, Bridges Core Curriculum math assessments, and classroom performance, determine who is offered our After School Math Intervention classes.  We are able to serve 10-11 kids per grade level.

The intervention periods last 6-7 weeks per trimester.  Classes are offered after school for 30 minutes, three days a week, and are prepared and taught by certified teachers.  Curriculum used ranges from web-based programs, Bridges activities and assignments, and iPad applications to support essential grade level skills.  Approximately 50% of instruction pre-teaches upcoming skills, lessons, or vocabulary, 25% focuses on re-teaching of just previously taught content, and 25% focuses on solidifying foundational mathematics skills.

Students in math intervention receive snacks each day.  Transportation is provided for those who live within the busing zone.  


Report card based assessments, Bridges Core Curriculum assessments, and classroom performance are used in Kindergarten to determine which students to serve.  We are able to serve 6-7 kids per class with small group instruction.

Half day kindergartners who qualify for the program participate in an extended day program four days a week.  Students stay after or come before his/her regular school day for 30 extra minutes of math instruction.  Full day kindergartners receive services during non-instructional time during their school day for 20 minutes, four days a week.  Curriculum used ranges from Bridges activities and lessons, iPad applications, and math games, manipulatives and worksheets that support basic math skills.  

No transportation is provided for half day kindergartners who participate in the program.  Parents are asked to transport students before or after school. 


The Sherwood School District has adopted for grades K-5 the 'Bridges' math curriculum by The Math Learning Center.  Visit their website for more information about this program and resources to support math.